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This day in History: March 12

Posted by burdujan pe 12/03/2009

1923. Entertainment. First movie with sound recorded on film

On this day in 1923, inventor Lee de Forest demonstrates Phonofilm, the first film capable of taping sound. Music was recorded on a narrow strip at the edge of the film. The demonstration showed a man and woman dancing, four musicians playing instruments, and an Egyptian dancer, all accompanied by music but no dialogue.

1938. WW II. Hitler announces an Anschluss with Austria

On this day, Adolf Hitler announces an „Anschluss” (union) between Germany and Austria, in fact annexing the smaller nation into a greater Germany.

1947. Cold War. Truman Doctrine is announced

In a dramatic speech to a session of Congress, President Harry S. Truman asks for U.S. assistance for Greece and Turkey to forestall communist domination of the two nations. Historians have often cited Truman’s address, which came to be known as the Truman Doctrine, as the official declaration of the Cold War.

1952. Automobiles. Mercedes introduces 300SL

1988. Disaster. Hail causes stampede at soccer match in Nepal

On this day, a sudden hail storm prompts fans at a soccer match in Katmandu, Nepal, to flee. The resulting stampede killed at least 70 people and injured hundreds more.

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