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This day in history: March 10

Posted by burdujan pe 10/03/2009

1906. Disaster. Mine explosion kills 1,060 in France

A devastating mine disaster kills over 1,000 workers in Courrieres, France, on this day in 1906. An underground fire sparked an explosion that destroyed a vast maze of mines. It took weeks for the all of the bodies to be recovered and identified.

1918. Entertainment. First Warner Bros. film

Warner Bros. releases its first film, Four Years in Germany. Brothers Harry, Albert, Sam, and Jack Warner had started out running a nickelodeon company in Newcastle, Pennsylvania. They released their first film in 1918 but didn’t incorporate until 1923. The company failed to become a major player in the cinema world until 1927, when it released The Jazz Singer, the first feature with sound.

1959. Rebellion in Tibet.

On this day, Tibetans band together in revolt, surrounding the summer palace of the Dalai Lama in defiance of Chinese occupation forces. The March 1959 uprising in Lhasa was triggered by fears of a plot to kidnap the Dalai Lama and take him to Beijing. When Chinese military officers invited His Holiness to visit the People’s Liberation Army headquarters for a theatrical performance and official tea, he was told he must come alone, and that no Tibetan military bodyguards or personnel would be allowed past the edges of the military camp. 300,000 loyal Tibetans surrounded Norbulinka Palace, preventing the Dalai Lama from accepting the People’s Liberation Army’s invitation. By March 17, Chinese artillery was aimed at the palace, and the Dalai Lama was evacuated to neighboring India.

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