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Astăzi s-a născut Charles Darwin (1809)

Posted by burdujan pe 12/02/2010

Darwin was an English naturalist who developed the modern theory of evolution.
Darwin a fost un naturalist englez care a dezvoltat teoria modernă a evoluţiei.
Along with Welsh naturalist Alfred Russel Wallace, he proposed the principle of natural selection: the mechanism by which advantageous variations are passed on to later generations and less advantageous traits slowly disappear.
Împreună cu naturalistul galez Alfred Russel Wallace, el a formulat principiul selecţiei naturale: mecanismul prin care însușirile avantajoase sunt transmise generaţiilor ulterioare, iar trăsăturile mai puţin avantajoase cu timpul dispar.
Darwin’s intensely controversial theory of evolution aroused widespread argument and debate among scientists and religious leaders.
Teoria evoluţiei a lui Darwin a trezit controverse pe scară largă şi dezbateri între oamenii de ştiinţă şi lideri religioşi.

How did Darwin view religion and God?
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Though Darwin wrote of religion as a tribal survival strategy, he still believed that God was the ultimate lawgiver. He continued to help the local church with parish work, but on Sundays would go for a walk while his family attended church.

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