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Astăzi s-a născut George Washington (1732)

Posted by burdujan pe 22/02/2010

Washington is often called the „Father of his Country” because of the central role he played in the founding of the United States.
Washington, este adesea numit „Tatal Natiunii sale”, din cauza rolului central pe care l-a jucat ca fondator al Statelor Unite.
As commander of the Continental Army, he led colonial forces to victory over the British and served as the new nation’s first president.
În calitate de comandant al Armatei Continentale, el a condus forţele coloniale la victoria asupra britanicilor şi a servit ca primul preşedinte al naţiunii.
He then relinquished that power and retired after two terms, thereby setting a key precedent for republican democracy.
El apoi a renunțat la putere şi s-a retras după doi termeni, astfel stabilind un precedent cheie pentru o democraţie republicană.

How did Washington occupy himself after his retirement?
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After retiring from the presidency, Washington returned to Mount Vernon where he devoted much time to farming and, constructed a 200 m² distillery, which was one of the largest in the new republic. Two years later, the distillery produced 11,000 gallons of corn and rye whiskey worth $7,500, and fruit brandy.


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