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Zero Conditional / Condiționalul Zero

Posted by burdujan pe 20/02/2010

If you try to talk to someone, and they completely ignore that you exist and don’t even turn and look at you or answer what you’re saying, that person is as cold as ice.
Acesta este un exemplu de condiționalul Zero.

Condiționalul Zero se folosește pentru a axprima un adevăr general, sau lucruo care sunt mereu adevărate în anumite condiții.
De exemplu, If you are an Olympic luger, you travel at breakneck speed.

Este mereu adevărat
– In the sport of luge, athletes shoot down a track at breakneck speeds at over 144 km per hour!
– În sportul cu sania, sportivii ajung pe pistă la viteze ameţitoare, la peste 144 km pe oră!

Condiționalul Zero este ușor de format deoarece toate verbe în frază sunt la prezentul simplu:
If an athlete wins a gold medal, he feels proud.

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1. Which is correct?
a. If she doesn’t talk to you, she are as cold as ice.
b. If she doesn’t talk to you, she is as cold as ice.

2. If you _ to have more money, you _ to get a job.
a. wants, needs
b. wanting, need
c. want, need
d. wanted, needing

3. Which one is an example of the zero conditional?
a. If we had tried harder, we would have done better.
b. If you see my sister, give her a hug for me.
c. If Phil asked me out, I would say yes.
d. If it rains during our vacation, I’ll be sad.


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