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Study Point: easy on the eye

Posted by burdujan pe 07/01/2010

1. Quote: Guess the meaning of the slang idiom.

“He’s pretty easy on the eyes, but our friendship has really deepened over the years, and he’s just great.”

– Actress Claire Danes on why she loves her husband, Hugh Dancy. (US Weekly)

2. The meaning. Hilight the translation.

to be easy on the eye
= [Ro] a avea o înfăţişare plăcuta, a avea un aspect plăcut, a avea un exterior plăcut, a fi plăcut la vedere
= [En] beautiful; good-looking

3. Using slang idiom.

Everyone appreciates a nice compliment.
Toată lumea apreciaza un compliment frumos.
But words like “pretty,” “beautiful” and even “hot” can get boring.
Dar, cuvintele ca „drăguț”, „frumos” şi chiar „fierbinte”, devin plictisitoare.
If you really liked someone, you might want to find a more creative way to say complements.
Dacă într-adevăr cineva ți-a plăcut, puteți găsi un mod mai creativ să spui complemente.

The expression easy on the eyes works like an adjective.
Expresia easy on the eyes are funcția unui adjectiv.
Claire Danes and Hugh Dancy are easy on the eyes.
Claire Danes și Hugh Dancy sunt easy on the eyes (au o înfăţişare plăcută).

4. Questions.
Which celebrities do you think are easy on the eyes?
What’s more important to you in a relationship, looks or personality?

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