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Study Point

Posted by burdujan pe 14/12/2009

pain in the neck = someone who causes trouble; a bothersome annoying person
[ro] bătaie de cap, calamitate, chin, pacoste (d. cineva sau ceva), pedeapsa, supărare, persoana infamă, sarcină dezagreabilă

A barking dog never bites. = Many people talk without any action.
[ro] Câinele care latră nu muscă. Oamenii guralivi nu sunt de temut.

Tongue Twister
Bobby Bippy bought a bat.
Bobby Bippy bought a ball.
With his bat Bob banged the ball
Banged it bump against the wall
But so boldly Bobby banged it
That he burst his rubber ball
„”Boo!”” cried Bobby
Bad luck ball
Bad luck Bobby, bad luck ball
Now to drown his many troubles
Bobby Bippy’s blowing bubbles.

Wish not so much to live long as to live well. – Benjamin Franklin

Word of the Day
overdraft = the amount by which withdrawals exceed deposits, or the extension of credit by a lending institution to allow for such a situation
[ro] sumă cu care s-a depăşit contul în bancă, neacoperire (a unui mandat de plată), depăşire a contului în bancă


What does the abbreviation CFO stand for?
e.g. You should talk to the CFO before approving that credit.
= Chief Financial Officer


catch on – E.g. He is a smart child he catches on very fast.
= to begin to understand something.
[ro] a înţelege (o gluma, sensul spuselor cuiva), a pricepe


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