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Verbele Frazale/Phrasal Verbs

Posted by burdujan pe 26/11/2009

Verbul frazal este un verb care este urmat de un adverb sau de o ppropoziție, ambii acționând ca o unitate semantică.
Adverbul sau prepoziția care urmează verbul se numește particulă (particle).
Verbul frazal într-o propoziție are aceiași funcție ca și un verb simplu, dar sensul lui este idiomatic:
That’s an offer he can’t turn down. Este o ofertă pe care n-o putem refuza.

Verbe frazale sunt
She added up the numbers.
She added the numbers up.

He broke into the conversation.

Cel mai dificil este că nu există regula când un verb frazal este separabil și când nu.


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Horse idioms

Posted by burdujan pe 14/11/2009

It’s neck and neck = este la egalitate;
On the home straight/stretch = la ultima sută de metri;
Down to the wire = a nu ajunge la un consesens.

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Omofone și Omonime / Homophones and Homonyms

Posted by burdujan pe 04/11/2009

Omofone și Omonime sunt cuvintele care sunt confundate dese ori.

Omofon / Homophone

Un omofon este un cuvânt care se pronunță la fel ca și un alt cuvânt, dar se scriu diferit sau au sensuri diferite.

meet – meat (a întâlni – carne)
It’s nice to meet you!
Did you know that bolognese sauce is a tomato based meat sauce?

ate – eight (a mâncat – opt)
Henry ate a sandwich for lunch yesterday.
I’ll see you at eight o’clock tonight.

Omonime – Homonyms

Omonime sunt cuvinte care se scriu la fel dar au un sens complet diferit.

fly – fly (a zbura – muscă)
Mary doesn’t want to fly there. She’ll drive.
That fly is driving me crazy!

left – left (a lăsat – stâng)
I need to go back to the store. I think I left my wallet there.
Take the next left and then continue on down that road.

Alte Omofone:

affect – effect
affect = verb: a schimba, a influența
Good study habits will positively affect your grades.
effect = substantiv: rezultat, efect
I hope that new law has the desired effect.

break – brake
break = verb: a deteriora, a distruge
Oh no! You broke my daughter’s doll!
brake = substantiv: frâna
I hit the brakes with both feet trying to stop the car.

close – clothes
close = verb: a închide
We close at nine p.m.
clothes = substantiv: îmbrăcăminte
She wears very expensive clothes.

flour – flower
flour = substantiv: făină
Use two cups of flour and one cup of water.
flower = substantiv: floare
What a beautiful flower. Is it a rose?

hear – here
hear = verb: a auzi
Can you hear me?
here = adverb: aici
He lives here.

knight – night
knight = substantiv: cavaler
The knights of the round table were very powerful.
night = substantiv: noapte
Did you sleep well last night?

missed – mist
missed = verb: a pierde, a scăpa
Unfortunately, I missed my flight and have to stay the night.
mist = substantiv: ceaţă
Ireland is famous for its mist.

patience – patients
patience = substantiv: răbdare
It’s important to have a lot of patience if you want to teach kindergarten.
patients = substantiv: pacienți
There are ten patients waiting to be examined.

sole – soul
sole = substantiv: talpă (la încălţăminte)
My soles are burning!
soul = substantiv: suflet
What does your church believe about souls?

threw – through
threw = verb: a aruncat
I threw the ball to the first baseman.
through = prepoziție: prin
Tom walked through the room.

Alte Omonime

batter – batter
batter = substantiv: jucător care lovește mingea
The batter hit a home run out of the park!
batter = substantiv: aluat (nefermentat)
Add some water to soften the batter.

bug – bug
bug = substantiv: insectă
I hate bugs!
bug = verb: a plictisi pe cineva
He doesn’t want to bother you.

coach – coach
coach = substantiv: autocar
We took a coach through the countryside.
coach = verb: a antrena
Would you like to ask him to coach the team?

down – down
down = preposition: în jos
Set the book down and come here.
down = substantiv: puf
I bought a down pillow last month.

felt – felt
felt = verb: a simțit
He felt sick and stayed home for the day.
felt = substantiv: fetru, flanelă
We need to get new felt for the pool table.

groom – groom
groom = noun: mire
The groom looks very nervous!
groom = substantiv: a pregăti
We usually groom the players to become the very best.

last – last
last = adverb: ultimul
I saw him last Saturday.
last = verb: a continua, a dura
How long does the film last?

net – net
net = substantiv: plasă
The ball went into the net and the home team won.
net = verb: a aduce câștig
How much did you net last quarter?

organ – organ
organ = substantiv: partea corpului
The heart is considered the most important organ.
organ = substantiv: instrument muzical
Bach’s works are best heard on an organ.

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