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Telling the Time

Posted by burdujan pe 25/10/2009

Take care of the minutes, for hours will take care of themselves …

Asking What Time It Is:

What time is it?
Have you got the time?
What’s the time?
What time do you make it?
Do you have the exact time?
Could you tell me the time?

Saying What Time It Is:

9.00 – nine o’clock
9.05 – nine (oh) five or five past nine
9.10 – nine ten or ten past nine
9.15 – nine fifteen or a quarter past nine
9.25 – nine twenty-five or twenty-five past nine
9.30 – nine thirty or half past nine
9.45 – nine forty-five or a quarter to ten
9.50 – nine fifty or ten to ten
9.58 – nine fifty eight or nearly ten o’clock

Timpul este precedat de The time is… sau, It’s…

Un dialog tipic:
Question: What time is it, please?
Answer: It’s nine o’clock.

Americanii deseori folosesc două puncte între ore și minute: 9:50.

Expresia o’clock se folosește doar la ora exactă – Let’s meet at eight (o’clock).

Day and Night

There are 24 hours in a day.
The day is divided into daytime and nighttime.
Every day starts at midnight.
Times can be distinguished by using in the morning, afternoon or evening.
In the more formal style we use am (= Latin – ante meridiem = before noon) and pm (= Latin – post meridiem = after noon).

The twenty-four clock is used mainly in timetables and official announcements. In ordinary speech, people usually use the twelve-hour clock.

Some useful expression:

The clock is five minutes fast or slow.
at exactly five o’clock – Exact la orele cinci.
at five o’clock sharp – Fix la ora cinci.
by five o’clock at the latest – cel târziu la ora cinci.
at midnight – la miezul nopții.
about five o’clock – pe la orele cinci.
until ten o’clock – până la ora unsprezece.
before noon – până la ora douăsprezece (amiază).

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