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Astăzi s-a născut: J. K. Rowling (1965)

Posted by burdujan pe 31/07/2009

Rowling is the author of the Harry Potter book series, which has been credited with an enormous interest in reading at a time when children were thought to be abandoning books.
Rowling este autorul seriei de carte Harry Potter, care a fost creditat cu un interes enorm de lectură în momentul când copiii au vrut să renunțe la cărţi.
She parlayed the series into a global brand, including the popular movie adaptations, worth an estimated $15 billion.
Ea a unit seria într-un brand global, inclusiv filmele adaptate populare, estimate la 15 miliarde dolari.

Question: Where was Rowling when she first conceived the story?
As a child, Rowling enjoyed writing fantasy stories, which she often read to her sister.
I can still remember me telling her a story in which she fell down a rabbit hole and was fed strawberries by the rabbit family inside it, she recalls, Certainly the first story I ever wrote down (when I was five or six) was about a rabbit called Rabbit. He got the measles and was visited by his friends, including a giant bee called Miss Bee.


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Cuvântul Zilei: tribulation

Posted by burdujan pe 31/07/2009

tribulation • \trib-yuh-LAY-shun\ • noun

: distress or suffering resulting from oppression or persecution; also : a trying experience
: durere, mâhnire, năpastă, necaz, nenorocire, şir de necazuri

Exemplu în Context:
Over the past year, Sara and Brian have experienced all the that come with owning one’s first home.
Pe parcursul ultimilor ani, Sara şi Brian s-au confruntat cu toate necazurile şi nenorocirile care vin la cei care cumpără prima lor casă.

Scriitorul și savantul creștin Thomas More în lucrarea sa din 1534 A dialoge of comforte against tribulation a definit cuvântul din titlu ca euery such thing as troubleth and greueth a man either in bodye or mynde. (când un om încearcă neplăceri sau necazuri, fie la trup sau la minte.)
În prezent, totuși, cuvântul tribulation este folosit, de obicei, în calitate de substantiv la plural, numărabil, împreună cu aliterativul trial, și nu mai exprimă oppression, ci un șir de neplăceri, necazuri peste care trebuie de trecut.
Tribulation provine de la verbul latin tribulare (a oprima, a asupri, a chinui), fiind înrudit cu tribulum, substantivul care înseamnă treierat.

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Astăzi s-a născut: Arnold Schwarzenegger (1947)

Posted by burdujan pe 30/07/2009

An Austrian-born bodybuilder, Schwarzenegger won the first of his five Mr. Universe titles in 1967 and went on to become a Hollywood action star.
Un bodybuilder de origine austriacă, Schwarzenegger a câştigat primul din cele cinci titluri Mr. Univers în 1967 şi a devenit star de filme de actiune la Hollywood.
An increasingly active Republican during the 1990s, he was elected governor of California in 2003.
Un Republican din ce în ce mai activ în anii ’90, el a fost ales guvernator al Californiei în 2003.
Schwarzenegger ran for re-election in 2006 and, despite the numerous criticisms of his first term, defeated Democrat Phil Angelides.
Schwarzenegger a participat în alegerile din 2006, şi, în ciuda numeroaselor critici din primul său termen, l-a învins pe democratul Phil Angelides.

Question: Why did Austrian politician Peter Pilz demand that Schwarzenegger be stripped of his Austrian citizenship?
In 2005 Peter Pilz from the Austrian Green Party in parliament demanded to revoke Schwarzenegger’s Austrian citizenship.
This demand was based on article 33 of the Austrian citizenship act that states:
A citizen, who is in the public service of a foreign country, shall be deprived of his citizenship, if he heavily damages the reputation or the interests of the Austrian Republic.

Pilz claimed that Schwarzenegger’s actions in support of the death penalty (prohibited in Austria under Protocol 13 of the European Convention on Human Rights) had indeed done damage to Austria’s reputation.
Schwarzenegger justified his actions by referring to the fact that his only duty as Governor of California was to prevent an error in the judicial system.
Schwarzenegger has a lot of muscles, but apparently not much heart, said Julien Dray, spokesman for the Socialist Party in France, where the death penalty was abolished in 1981.

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Cuvântul Zilei: jackleg

Posted by burdujan pe 30/07/2009

jackleg • \JACK-leg\ • adjective

1 a : characterized by unscrupulousness, dishonesty, or lack of professional standards
b : lacking skill or training : amateur
2 : designed as a temporary expedient : makeshift
[Ro] neglijent; necinstit; neconştiincios; de amator; necalificat; temporar; vremelnic; provizoriu;

Exemplu în context:
Ted Dawson was a pretty good jackleg carpenter.
Ted Dawson a fost un dulgher amator destul de bun.
(Stephen King, It)

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Study Point: square

Posted by burdujan pe 30/07/2009

1. Quote –

I’m 48, and you’re supposed to be the square. I mean, being a 48-year-old rebel is not cool.

– Eddie Murphy. (US Weekly)

2. Use –

Interesant că the square inițial a fost folosit cu totul alt sens.
Înainte de al doilea război mondial, sensul cuvântului era pozitiv.
El descria pe cineva ca onest sau demn de încredere (honest or reliable).
Dar la sfârșitul anilor 1940, sensul s-a schimbat.
Muzicienii de jazz au început să folosească cuvântul square se referea la cineva care nu iubea muzica jazz.
Curând, a început să fie folosit pentru a se referi la cineva demodat, lipsit de degajare, persoană convenţională sau artificială.

În cele mai multe cazuri square se referă la descrierea oamenilor.
Dar și obiecte pot fi square.
Poate fi vorba de o invitație la a square party, sau să vezi pe cineva purtând a square outfit.
If you’re unlucky, you might end up with a square haircut.

Eddie Murphy spune că la 48 de ani, se crede că ești square.
Cu alte cuvinte, la 48 de ani omul e prea bătrân să fie cool.
Poate fi adevărat, dar poți fi square la orice vârstă.

3. Examples –

There’s no one cool at this party. It’s just a bunch of squares.

Ever since he turned fourty, John has turned into a total square.

Mr. Mason is an okay teacher, I guess, but he’s pretty square. His class isn’t exactly fun.

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Summertime edition of hotforwords show

Posted by burdujan pe 30/07/2009

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Vowel ee [i]

Posted by burdujan pe 29/07/2009

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Cuvântul Zilei: mohair

Posted by burdujan pe 28/07/2009

mohair • \MOH-hair\ • noun

: a fabric or yarn made wholly or in part of the long silky hair of the Angora goat; also : this hair
[Ro] : mohair, păr de capră de Angora

Exemplu în context:
This year’s product line includes coats and sweaters made from mohair produced in Texas.
În acest linia de produse include haine şi pulovere confecționate din mohair produs în Texas.

Mohair a apărut în engleză în sec. al 16-lea.
A fost împrumutat din italiana mocaiarro, cuvântul care a venit din arabă mukhayyar.
Adjectivul mukhayyar însemna select, ales.

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