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Air Travel

Posted by burdujan pe 22/06/2009

air traffic control
– a service which gives guidance to aircraft, to prevent collisions and manage efficient traffic flow
– controlul traficului aerian

– corridor in airplane between the seats
– pasaj, coridor

baggage claim
– place where passengers go to find their luggage at the end of a flight
– zona de recuperare bagaje

baggage tag
– a document issued to identify your checked baggage
– eticheta de bagaj

– to get on or enter an airplane
– a urca la bord

boarding pass
– a pass that allows you to board a plane
– talon de imbarcare

check in
– to register for a flight, including checking of tickets, passports, luggage etc.
– înregistrare

– passenger’s telephone validation of return reservation
– confirmare

connecting flight
– an airline flight that requires a passenger to get off one plane and get onto another plane to complete the journey
– zbor de tranzit

departures board
– large display in airport showing times, destinations etc. of departing flights
– orarul rutelor

direct flight
– a flight on which passengers do not have to change planes, but may involve one or more stops en route
– zbor direct

– national, not international, within one country
– naţional

duty free
– not taxable; exempt from customs taxes
– zonă scutită de taxe vamale, zonă liberă

emergency exit
– an exit which is intended to be used during an emergency
– ieşire din caz de pericol

excess baggage
– luggage that is more than the permitted or allowed weight
– excedent de bagaje, surplus de bagaje

– a scheduled trip by plane between designated airports
– zbor

– the point in an airport at which a particular flight arrives and departs
– poartă

hand luggage
– light bags, briefcases etc. that may be carried on board by passengers
– bagaj de mâna

immigration officer
– government official responsible for checking passengers’ passports
– agent de emigrare

intermediate stop
– stopover
– oprire, popas

jet lag
– extreme tiredness etc. after a long flight between extreme time zones
– oboseală, extenuare

luggage trolley
– baggage cart
– cărucior de bagaje

non-stop flight
– service between two points with no scheduled stop en route
– un zbor non-stop/direct, zbor fără escală

– the strip on which planes land and take off
– spaţiu de decolare

scheduled flight
– flight based on pre-determined schedules
– zbor regulat

– a stopping place on a journey
– oprire, popas

– a departure; especially of airplanes
– decolare

– station where transport vehicles load or unload passengers or goods
– punct terminal, aerogară

– a commercial document showing that the holder is entitled to something as to ride on public transportation
– bilet

transit passenger
– a passenger stopping at an airport that is not his destination
– pasager în tranzit


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