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Green Man

Posted by burdujan pe 16/05/2009

A legendary pagan spirit later adopted by the Christian church, the Green Man is often depicted as a male figure covered in foliage or as a face surrounded by, made of leaves. He is represented in a variety of English church carvings made between the 11th and 20th centuries, though from the Renaissance onward, elaborate variations on the Green Man began to appear in many other media.

Question: Which popular fairy tale figure is seen as a modern embodiment of the Green Man character?


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  1. burdujan said

    A more modern embodiment might be found in Peter Pan, who enters the civilized world from a nether land, not only clothed in green but wearing leaves as well.
    Even Father Christmas, who was often shown wreathed in ivy in early depictions, has been suggested as a similar woodland spirit.
    Author J.K. Rowling has described the character of Hagrid of the Harry Potter series as a modern version of the Green Man – `Hagrid was always supposed to be this almost elemental force. He’s like the king of the forest, or the Green Man. He’s this semi-wild person who lives on the edge of the forest’.

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