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Word of the Day: fidelity

Posted by burdujan pe 10/05/2009

fidelity • \fuh-DELL-uh-tee\ • noun

1 : the quality or state of being faithful
2 : accuracy
[Ro] devotament, acurateţe (a unei reproduceri, etc.), fidelitate (a unei reproduceri, etc.), credinţă, loialitate

Exemplu în context:
Jake’s fidelity to his employer was severely tested when he received a tempting offer from another company.
Fidelitatea lui Jake a fost serios testată când el a primit o ofertă atractivă de la o altă companie.

You can have faith in fidelity, which has existed in English since the 15th century; its etymology winds back through Middle English and Middle French, eventually arriving at the Latin verb fidere, meaning to trust. Fidere is also an ancestor of other English words associated with trust or faith, such as fiduciary (of, relating to) and confide (to trust).


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