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Word of the Day: aggrandize

Posted by burdujan pe 08/05/2009

aggrandize• \uh-GRAN-dyze\ • verb

1 : to increase or enlarge
2 : to praise highly
3 : to enhance the power, wealth, position, or reputation of
[Ro] a largi, a face mai puternic, a îmbogăţi, a promova, a preamări, a face mai autoritar, a întări autoritatea, a slăvi, a proslăvi, a mări, a ridica în grad, a extinde, a avansa

Example sentence:
The organization’s spokesperson seemed to be more interested in aggrandizing herself than in raising money for charity.
Organizaşia purtătorului de cuvânt părea că se interesa în propria sa îmboţăţire decât colectarea banilor în scopuri caritabile.

Aggrandize has enhanced the English vocabulary since the early 17th century. English speakers adapted agrandiss-, the stem of the French verb agrandir, to form aggrandize, and later used the French form agrandissement as the basis of the noun aggrandizement.


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